Beetle (Coleoptera) species list

From J.W.M Marris, 2000

Family/subfamily Species Distribution[1]Found on Bollons (B)Found on Antipodes main island (A)
Carabidae – ground beetles
Kenodactylus audouini B A
Loxomerus new species(NE)(EN) B only dead specimens collected from A
Oopterus clivinoides B A
Tormissus guanicola B
Meropathus campbellensis B A
Ptiliidae – Feather-winged beetles  
Ptinella atrata B A
Staphylinidae – Rove beetles  
Aleocharinae Atheta sp ?
Leptusa chiltoni A Not collected during 1995 expedition Collected in 1969
Leptusa new species 1(EN) A  one specimen
Leptusa new species 2(EN) A
Omaliinae Allodrepa decipiens A B
Crymus kronii A B
Omaliomimus venator A
‘Stenomalium’ new species(EN) A B
Staphylininae Quediocafus insolitus A B
Anobiidae – Borer and spider beetles  
Ptinus tectus(IN) A Not collected during 1995 expedition
Coccinellidae – ladybirds  
Veronicobius aucklandiae A B
Holopsis oblongus A B
Orchesia sp. near rennelli(EN) A
Tenebrionidae – Darkling beetles  
Pseudhelops antipodensis(EN) A
Pseudhelops clandestinus(EN) A B
Antarcticodomus fallai A B
Antarcticodomus new species A
Cerambycidae – Longhorn beetles  
Ptinosoma new species(EN) A
Curculionidae – Weevils  
Gromilus insularis antipodarum(EN) A B

IN Introduced species,  EN Endemic species

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[1] Note that the 1995 expedition research effort differs dramatically between Bollons Island which was visited for 7 hours compared to Antipodes main island where research effort was extended over 26 days.