The Species



There is a total of 60 bird species recorded from the Antipodes group, including four species of endemic land birds. Twenty eight species breed on the islands, 21 of which are sea birds. There are also 6 species of introduced land birds that inhabit the island; one duck and five passerines.

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Marine Mammals

Four species of seals are known to live or visit Antipodes Islands.

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 Antipodes, Anisotome flower 400 2nd, K Walker, Jan 2004


The Antipodes Islands are home to 74 native species of vascular plants, including four that are endemic to the islands, meaning they are found nowhere else in the world.Read More

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Endemic Magpie Moth, Nyctemera annulata antipodea. Photo by K.Walker


A total of 150 insects from 12 orders and 20 arachnids have been recorded from the Antipodes Islands. Nine species were new to science. Of the insect species 17% are thought to be endemic.

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