The Project


Moved by his learnings during the Our Far South journey to Antarctica and the Subantarctic Islands, Gareth Morgan was motivated to raise $1 million dollars towards the eradication of mice from New Zealand’s Antipodes Islands. These ecological treasures lie 750km southeast of New Zealand. The eradication project to be carried out by the Department of Conservation, will secure the only home of the Antipodes Island snipe and the Antipodes Island parakeet as well as a raft of other endemic flora and fauna species. Antipodes Island Eradication – Flyer


The Problem

Mice are the only introduced mammalian pest species on the Antipodes. They eat the eggs and chicks of seabirds such as petrels and have been implicated in the deaths of albatross chicks on other subantarctic islands. Mice also eat huge numbers of insects and the seeds of plants that are critical to the health of the islands. Read more

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The Timeline

The Department of Conservation is now entering the next stage of this project and hope to have the mice eradication underway in the winter of 2016. Read more

The Operation

See the GIS maps of the bait applications.

The Results

Success!  Read the monitoring results

June 2014 trip.Russell

The Partners

The New Zealand public gave generously, raising $250,000 towards the project. World Wildlife Fund- New Zealand (WWF) kindly gave $100,000. The Morgan Foundation matched the donations dollar for dollar, raising enough money to get the project underway and providing a significant sum towards the project’s cost. Island Conservation joined the team as partners providing more generous support. The rest of the final cost will be funded by the Department of Conservation. Read more