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Antips parakeet eating bloodfilled quills of albie chick. K Walker
Photo 2 Bollons Island from Antips. Photo by K. Walker

The Expeditions

Outcome monitoring on Antipodes Islands

Biggest mouse hunt underway

First Update from Antipodes – Feb 2018

The Million Dollar Mouse monitoring team head to Antipodes

The Norfolk Guardian and the Evohe

The Antipodes Island mouse eradication team return home

A word from the Partners

On their way home

Team get ready to leave

Monitoring insects and plants

Monitoring birds

Monitoring to detect mice

Boat on the way! Update from the island – 27 July

Update from the island – 25 July

More great letters to Antipodes

Letter to Antipodes

Storm on Antipodes

All done!!

Update from the island – 9 July

Monitoring the outer islands

First bait drop completed!

First bait application complete!

The mist goes on

Update from the island – 23 June

Mouse eradication underway

Baiting begins

The helicopter hangar

Norfolk Guardian – welcome back to Auckland

From the island…14 June

First glimpse from the island

Ready to go…

From the island…6 June

From the island…1 June

From the Island – 29 May

From the Island – 27 May

Norfolk Guardian prepares to leave for Antipodes

Heading to Antipodes – Evohe

Antipodes Spring trip photo album

Spring Expedition 2014

Back via Bounty Islands!

Shipping out

A walk on Antipodes Island

Bollons Island adventure

We’ve made landfall

First sight of land

Expedition countdown

Getting gear on the island

Exploring Ringdove Bay

Arriving at the Antipodes Islands

Evohe to depart Dunedin at 3pm today!

Sailing to the Antipodes

Landslips and Hut Repairs