The Islands

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Antipodes Group

The Antipodes Islands are a National Nature Reserve and World Heritage site situated 760km south east of New Zealand. In Maori the NZ Subantarctic islands collectively (Snares, Bounty, Antipodes, Auckland and Campbell islands) are referred to as Ngā Moutere O Murihiku Ki Tonga.

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400 Antipodes, plateau (3), K Walker, Jan 2012

Main Antipodes Island

The main island is 2012ha in size. It includes dense tussock vegetation around the lower slopes and coast, rolling tussock slopes with scattered areas of shrubland, fernland, herbfield, bog, swamp, peat slips, rugged rocky cliffs and the coastal beaches. The altitude range is from sea level to the highest point of Mt Galloway at 366m. It is the only island of the Antipodes group that mice have been confirmed to be present.

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400 Offshore Islands Antipodes, Bollons Island (1), K Walker, Jan 2012

Outer Islands

There are 6 main outer islands and approximately 19 further rock stacks:

Bollons Island: 52.6ha

Archway Island: 6ha

Leeward Island: 12.7 ha

Orde Lees Islet: 1.8ha

East Windward: 8.5ha

West Windward: 7.0ha

Total rock stacks (19) identified to date: 3.2ha

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