Weather, remoteness, non target species and the lack of facilities on the island are just a few of the challenges for this mice eradication project.

Careful planning is required to work with and overcome these challenges.

400 Antipodes Island - Castaway Depot - Mar 10 - Scott Jarvie comp

The Hut

The Antipodes Island Biodiversity Hut  built in 1978, was damaged by a landslip in January 2014. It was knocked from its piles, pushed approximately 10 m north and rotated 90 degrees, depositing it on a steep angle, just south of the original Castaway depot. The previously southern facing wall, which took the impact, was punched in and left facing east.

The event is believed to have occurred on the 6th of January, 2014 as the result of heavy rain.

The hut damage was discovered by an albatross monitoring team, who arrived on the island on the 26th of January, 2014.

The hut is essential for all research operations on the island to provide secure shelter in a remote harsh environment.

Immediate work started to reinstate the only hut on the Antipodes Islands. This project was managed and financed by the Department of Conservation.

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June 2014 trip.Russell

The Weather

Antipodes Islands is known for bad weather, fog, rain, high winds, hail and snow at any time of the year.

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remoteness Steve Horn

The Remoteness

Antipodes Islands are 760km away from civilisation. It is a small group of uninhabited islands in the vast Southern Ocean, and depending which island; has difficult or impossible boat access.

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