The Antipodes Island mouse eradication team return home


Antipodes Island baiting. Photo by S. Horn

Saturday 6 August, both the Evohe and the Norfolk Guardian safely returned to NZ from the Antipodes, with the Antipodes mouse eradication team on board.

The first boat left NZ for the Antipodes back on the 23 May 2016 with the mission to eradicate mice from the Antipodes Islands.

Tony Preston, Department of Conservation, Murihiku Operations Manager shares a few words of congratulations to the teams efforts.

The detailed planning and careful execution using every window of good weather has paid off in the successful and safe delivery of two bait applications across the island.  

We are super proud of this team which includes two staff from Island Conservation and three from helicopter company Island Aerial Solutions.

The Million Dollar Mouse project shows the power of collaboration to achieve what only a decade ago seemed an insurmountable task, and provides lessons as we turn our attention to  the Predator Free New Zealand goal for 2050.  When we work together great things can be achieved.  Thanks heaps to very generous support from our partners: the New Zealand public,  Morgan Foundation, Island Conservation and WWF-New Zealand.

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No doubt the team will enjoying sleeping in a warm house rather than a flappy tent for the first time in nearly 10 weeks! But perhaps they may be missing those chorizo dinners….or maybe not!

Hut site

Hut and camp site Antipodes Island

Jason and Jose from Island Conservation

Jason and Jose from Island Conservation enjoy chorizo