Pizza nights

Stephen Horn updates us on simple pleasures of life on Antipodes

29 July 2016

Friday night is pizza night and our reference for keeping track of which day of the week it is. Chef Pete Kirkman brought with him two tiles that he skillfully cut to size to fit our diesel oven which have become ideal pizza stones. The next step was riveting a second shelf into the oven in order to cook two at a time and Pizza night was born.

The setup produced perfectly cooked bases matched only by Pete’s mouth-watering toppings. Team favourites include chicken and apricot, smoked salmon and of course chorizo and bacon. Not satisfied with the limited implements available, Jamie Doube (team Doctor and budding pizza engineer) added authenticity to the scene by creating a pizza paddle for inserting and retrieving the creations from the oven and a never fail pizza slicer out of an offcut of chimney flue.

Friday night Antipodes Island

Friday night Antipodes Island

It’s hard to imagine a better way to spend a Friday evening as semolina flour coats the table, bases spin through the air and pizzas are delivered two by two, hot from the oven to the table and politely cut into the smallest of pieces enabling everyone a taste as they are heartily devoured. Mamma Mia!