Update from the Antipodes

The mouse eradication team

Antipodes Mouse Eradication Team

Update from Stephen Horn – Project Manager

25 July 2016

The Evohe arrived on Saturday night and offloaded John Henderson, Cullum Boleyn and Ray Bellringer to help with the deconstruction of our camp and the hangar structure.

We fare-welled team members Jamie Doube and Keith Springer back to Dunedin yesterday.

We took advantage of a calm day yesterday to retrieve our monitoring gear from the offshore islands and pull in the radio repeater we had on Mt Galloway. The swell was still  4 -5 m from the north.

The Norfolk Guardian is due to arrive next Sunday or Monday – so will be up to the weather after that. We need at least 2 good days to load the vessel. The Evohe will also be returning to transport the rest of the team back to New Zealand mainland.

Everything is coming to a close quite quickly now. All going well we may be departing the island late next week. Team doing well – we were treated to some fresh fruit last night with some of the supplies that came ashore.

Cheers Stephen


Hut from the sea. Photo by F.Cox

Hut from the sea. Photo by F.Cox

Hut site.

Hut site.