The Chorizo affair

The cook - Pete Kirkman complete with flour on nose

The cook – Pete Kirkman complete with flour on nose

Stephen Horn – Project Manager, discusses the island diet

The food stores for the project were provided by a wholesale supplier who did a good job inspecting and packing our food to biosecurity standard. When we arrived on the island, team cook Peter Kirkman was reorganising the supplies when he discovered the 35 packs of chorizo sausage (dried spicy sausage) that he ordered inside one of our 200 litre screw-lid food storage drums. He began counting out the 35 packs of sausages (two chirozo sausages per pack) to access what was below…34, 35, 36, …. but it kept going.

Jason and Jose from Island Conservation

Jason and Jose from Island Conservation with Chorizo

One more...

One more…

Once he finished counting the drum was empty and the chorizo stocks totalled 382 packs (two chorizo sausages per pack) –a total of 764 sausages! Any concerns about the robustness of our long-term food supplies suddenly over. Luckily it tastes good and has quickly become one of the staples of our diet, appearing regularly in soups, stews, sliced for lunches, diced into savoury scones, added to baked beans, featuring on pizza… we are attempting to put a good dent in the stocks. Pete reckons no-one has realised he has been cutting it finely and putting it in our porridge… not sure about that, maybe our taste buds have become less refined over the past few weeks. Will talk about the 390 litres equivalent of powdered yogurt later.

Any recipes for chorizo gratefully received.