Update from the island – 23 June

Bait drop

First bait drop runs. Photo by K.Springer

Update from  Stephen Horn  – Project Manager


We are holed up at the moment with clag down as low as the top of the slip, completely engulfing the loadsite and beyond.

The moon was big on the horizon when we arrived at the load site. We have been waiting since 0630 and in that time Ann has caught up on Belgium beating Sweden in the European Championship and some of the others have been busy practicing their 500 skills as we wait for the skies to clear but the fog seems to be getting lower. 

The wind is calm and would be perfect if the pilots could see where they were going.  

Low cloud stops work. Photo by S. Horn

Putting blades on helicopter early morning. Photo by S.Horn

Yesterday we filled the first bucket at 0748 and ceased operations at 1305 when the sea-fog rolled in, restricting our ability to get to the remaining area at the south of the island.

Loadsite. Photo by K.Springer

Loadsite. Photo by K.Springer

Loadsite. Photo by S.Horn

Loadsite. Photo by S.Horn

 Despite the early finish it is a still a busy day by the time we get the helicopters back down to the hangar, blades taken off, buckets washed down and checked. The engineer spends a bit of time everyday checking over the machines. Up at the load site the baiting team are kept busy dissembling the 50 odd wooden pods that are now empty and condensing them into fewer parcels to fly off at the end of our time here. Then everything is tied down in case the wind comes up overnight.

Loading. Photo by S.Horn

Cliff baiting. Photo by K.Springer

Cliff baiting. Photo by K.Springer

Back at camp the baits in the infrastructure are checked and recorded daily. Amongst the five of us sleeping in tents, Finlay is currently winning the stakes for bait-take from the vestibule of the tent with 14 pellets taken since Saturday. Just 50 m away Jamie and myself have still had none taken. Maybe his tent smells more attractive to rodents!!