The Partners…

A word from the Million Dollar Mouse Partners

“I’m excited to support this project for several reasons. Perhaps most importantly – during my 4 years at Campbell Island from 1986 – 1991 I saw first hand the destruction wrought by the rats and sheep to the fauna and flora of that island. I have followed with close interest the recovery of the island since the eradication of the sheep (while I was there) and the rats – it’s been astounding to see photos of the Campbell Island teal and other species amongst the regrown fauna since these introduced pests were eliminated. My hope is that the removal of the mice from Antipodes Island will bring a similar improvement. And that the operation goes safely and according to plan. Go Get them Team!” said Roger Moffat, Supporter from the NZ Public.

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“The public really stepped up and supported this vision in 2012 when we launched the Million Dollar Mouse campaign. It is awesome to see that vision is now becoming a reality.” said Gareth Morgan. 

“Antipodes Island is an ecological treasure and a World Heritage site, so this work is important to secure the only home of the Antipodes Island snipe and the Antipodes Island parakeet, the Nationally Critical Antipodes wandering albatross as well as a raft of other endemic flora and fauna species,” said Chris Howe, WWF-New Zealand Executive Director.

 “We are proud to be part of this project and partnership to protect the vulnerable plants and wildlife of the Antipodes Islands,” said Richard Griffiths, New Zealand Project Director for Island Conservation. “Nowhere else on earth can you find the same suite of species, which includes such oddities as ground-dwelling parakeets and beetles that live in soils enriched by seabird guano.”

“The remoteness, lack of safe harbour, wild weather and rough seas pose massive logistic challenges. But we’re confident we have a highly experienced team and are well prepared to succeed,” said Stephen Horn – Antipodes Mouse Eradication Project Manager from Department of Conservation.