Counting down…1 week before departure

Arriving at Antipodes. Photo by G. Rogers

Approaching  Antipodes. Photo by G. Rogers

The eradication team are getting ready to depart for Antipodes Island.

With 1 week to go the team are in the final stages of organising for the eradication of mice from Antipodes Island.

The team will be gathering in Invercargill this weekend for the vigorous quarantine process and briefing necessary for all visits to the subantarctic islands. “Hard to believe we are almost at the point of leaving” said Stephen Horn, Antipodes Mouse Eradication Project Manager, DOC.

The helicopters and bait will be loaded onto the cargo vessel, The Norfolk Guardian, along with equipment and most of the team.

The rest of the team leave on the sailing vessel The Evohe.

This begins the next phase of the eradication, from the meticulous planning stage to implementation.

We will be following the progress while the team are out on the Antipodes on this website.