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A table fit for the occasion.

Geoff Rogers table

Geoff Rogers table

Geoff Rogers talks about the table he made for the Antipodes Hut.

In a fit of playfulness, Stephen Horn (Antipodes Mouse Eradication Project Manager) suggested I make a dining table for the restored Antipodes Island Hut and in a moment of folly I accepted. The design needed to be rustic, earthy, compatible with the ambience of a mountain hut (and its human contents), kitset-like for transport, and terribly durable for the rigours of that humid climate. Five, full time weeks later the table stood amongst Stephen’s building construction mayhem in DOC’s Invercargill quarantine store.

Half of that joinery marathon was salvaging and preparing heaps of nail-infested framing timber from a Dunedin house makeover. Hidden nails can be machine-wrecking and that eventuated, despite vigilance. The table is made from four-by-two, second grade, framing timber jettisoned from a Dunedin house. The timber was likely sourced from the Catlins’ rainforest. The table top is assembled with sliding tenons.  It is finished with three coats of Danish oil. Stephen Horn assures me the table will not be treated like his helicopter deck timber as it is transported by ship and lifted by helicopter onto site. Here’s hoping the eradication team don’t get their pen-knives out!