Tui De Roy presents Antipodes Islands

Tui De Roy is a passionate global conservationist, photographer and author. It is our pleasure to showcase Tui De Roy’s images from Antipodes Islands.

“Renown for the sensitive portrayal of the natural world from the animals’ viewpoint, the team is both passionate and proud to endorse an honest and ethical photographic code of practice and to promote respect and concern for the world’s beleaguered wildlife and human-pressured ecosystems.  To reinforce the valuable contribution of powerful photography in raising awareness of conservation issues, Tui has served on the boards of several leading international organisations.  A Founding Fellow of the International League of Conservation Photographers, she is also the patron of Friends of Galapagos – New Zealand.”

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Tui de Roy269-006TTui de Roy269-034TTui de Roy270-010T Tui de Roy270-099T
Tui de Roy288-073TTui de Roy288-052TTui de Roy272-057TTui de Roy 288-029T
Tui de Roy269-063T Tui de Roy269-033TTui de RoyWandering Albatross Tui de Roy