Meet the Endurance team…Elsie Percival

Elsie Percival is the Science Communicator on the media team, soon to be heading to the Antipodes.

Elsie Percival

“Hello, my name is Elsie Percival and I will be heading to the Antipodes in February 2015 with DOC and the Navy to document the final preparation before the eradication of mice from Antipodes Islands in June. I will be filming, photographing, writing and recording our time in the Subantarctic islands, along with providing a bit of sketching and painting.

At the moment I am completing my Masters at the Centre for Science Communication at Otago University and am working on The Role of Art in Conservation Engagement. To read more about my major project, that included facilitating a printmaking workshop and putting together an art exhibition on Stewart Island, click image below.

Stewart Island, Elsie Percival, 2015, watercolour on paper

In the past I have worked as a communicator and research assistant with the Australian Wildlife Conservancy, spent time studying fish and marine invertebrates in New Guinea and Queensland, and studied at Scripps Institute of Oceanography in San Diego, California. I also work as an artist, and aim to incorporate art into my scientific ventures wherever possible.

I am passionate about the creative communication of conservation science, as well as bringing the beauty of remote environments to people who cannot access them. I explore various creative avenues to communicate these passions.

I hope to provide exciting online access to the Antipodes–a jewel of terrestrial life in the wild southern ocean, and show the world how conservation is helping to protect it.

Look out for my posts, pictures and snippets in the months to come as I will be weaving an exciting story for you all.”

Next weeks blog will feature more about her innovative art project on Stewart Island.