Tiama and Henk

Henk Haazen, skipper of Tiama talks about sailing to the Antipodes

Landing stores off the boat Tiama. J.Russell

Henk landing stores onto Antipodes. J.Russell

“Sailing to the Antipode islands is always a real expedition, in terms of having to be prepared for some potential heavy weather, usually on the way back  to New Zealand when facing the prevailing westerly weather flow.

And when you arrive at the Antipode islands you still need to get your lovely passengers ashore, there is no harbour, or any decent anchorage, and the only place you can get people ashore is on the northern side of the island. This landing is wide open for any weather that comes in from the west going north and true to the North east.  Sometimes you just have to wait and sit it out in a swelly anchorage waiting for the right conditions. The plus side is that it is an amazing place in terms of wild life, and scenery, breath taking, there is always something to look at.  I still like going there although I blame part of my current crop of grey hair on Antipode islands trips, that we have done over the years.”

Henk and Tiama have completed many trips to the Antipodes, transporting Antipodes Wandering Albatross research teams to and from the island. More recently Tiama has helped transport research teams and equipment for the Antipodes mouse eradication project.

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