The Island of Strange Noises

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NHNZ_prcss resizeNHNZ Natural History New Zealand has kindly supported the Million Dollar Mouse project by enabling us to show their documentary about Antipodes produced in 1980 called The Island of Strange Noises. This was part of the iconic Wild South documentary series.

The entire Wild South documentary collection is available on DVD now from the TVNZ online shop.

The sheer volcanic cliffs and wind swept tussock of Antipodes Island is the breeding ground of many strange species which omit a weird cacophony of even stranger noises.

Beautiful sooty albatrosses make keening cries as they soar in courtship flights around the forbidding cliffs.

Night-landing petrels returning to their burrows in the tussocks create a cacophony as they greet their mates.

Monstrous elephant seal males bellow and flub as they threaten each other on bouldery beaches. The big-eyed seal pups bleat for their blubbery mothers.

Penguins squawk, marauding skuas scream, chicks peep and plump green parakeets chatter.

The Antipodes Islands are named because they are directly opposite London – and they couldn’t be more different than the English capital. There are no red buses, no black cabs, no people. Fog is the most familiar phenomenon, but on the Antipodes this is more intense and more frequent.

The storms of the furious forties drive huge swells to lash the cliffs, and gales and rain batter the huge tussocks. The wild weather adds to the symphony of strange noises.

Please note since this documentary was made in 1980 two significant changes have occurred for Antipodes Island. Research has clearly shown the devastating effects mice have on the ecosystem particularly the invertebrates, which has lead to the push to eradicate mice.Read more

The waters around the islands were designated as a marine reserve in 2014.Read more

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