EVOHE to depart Dunedin at 3pm today!

We’ve been sitting on the EVOHE in Dunedin Harbour overnight, waiting for some high winds to blow through before setting sail for the Antipodes Islands. This morning, the sun is shining, but the wind is still blowing and we hope to leave port at 3pm.

The EVOHE in Dunedin Harbour on 31st July (Photo by Kimberley Collins)

The EVOHE in Dunedin Harbour on 31st July (Photo by Kimberley Collins) 

The crew spent the afternoon loading more gear onto the boat. It was a difficult process as once we arrive at the Antipodes, we will have to unload a huge amount of gear in a small period of time. The skipper thinks we will have a weather window of 36 hours to get gear off. We’ll unload as much as possible and leave it on the small, rocky beach during that time, before setting up a pulley system to get heavier gear up the 30 metre cliffs.

The EVOHE is a 25 metre long passenger vessel that has been going down to the Sub-Antarctic Islands for 20 years. It can accommodate 12 passengers and 7 crew.

You can follow her journey down to the Antipodes Islands here. We’re due to set off at 3pm, so keep an eye out for movement around that time.

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