Million Dollar Mouse

Eradicating mice from the Antipodes Islands.


  • The Islands
  • The Species
  • The Problem
  • The Antipodes Islands are located 860 kilometres south east of Stewart Island, New Zealand. They cover a total of 25 square kilometres and support a weath of endemic species, acting as life-rafts for birds and seals to breed, feed or just rest.

  • Mice were introduced to the Antipodes in the middle of the 20th century. They were first discovered in castaway depots and are thought to have come from a Spanish ship that was wrecked nearby.

    They are the sole pest species on the islands and predate birds, invertebrates, and reptiles. Scientists have noted that their behavior becomes more like that of a rat when they are the sole mammalian species in an environment.

    If the species that call these islands home are to thrive, mice need to be eradicated from these islands.