Mice have successfully been eradicated from Antipodes Islands! Read here

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The Islands

Found 760 kilometres south east of New Zealand, the Antipodes Islands are one of New Zealand’s five Subantarctic Islands. The island group includes one main island, Bollons Island to the north and numerous small islets and stacks.

Watch the 1980’s documentary kindly on loan from NHNZ : The Island of Strange Noises.


The Species

The Islands support a number of endemic species, such as the Antipodes Island Parakeet and Snipe. They are a life-raft for numerous albatross, seals, petrels and penguins who use the islands to breed, feed and rest.

The Project

Mice were introduced to the Antipodes in the middle of the 20th century. As the sole mammalian pest species on the islands, they predate birds, invertebrates, and plants. If the island’s inhabitants are to thrive, mice need to be eradicated.

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